Call this function to get a pointer to the document template for this document type.

CDocTemplate* GetDocTemplate( ) const;

Return Value

A pointer to the document template for this document type, or NULL if the document is not managed by a document template.


// This example accesses the doc template object to construct 
// a default document name such as SHEET.XLS, where "sheet" 
// is the base document name and ".xls" is the file extension
// for the document type.
CString strDefaultDocName, strBaseName, strExt;
CDocTemplate* pDocTemplate = GetDocTemplate();
if (!pDocTemplate->GetDocString(strBaseName, CDocTemplate::docName)
   || !pDocTemplate->GetDocString(strExt, CDocTemplate::filterExt))
   AfxThrowUserException(); // These doc template strings will 
      // be available if you created the application using AppWizard 
      // and specified the file extension as an option for 
      // the document class produced by AppWizard.
strDefaultDocName = strBaseName + strExt;


Header: afxwin.h

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