Debugging for Visual Basic 6.0 Users

Although the process of debugging an application in Visual Basic 2008 is essentially the same as in Visual Basic 6.0, there are a few minor differences. In addition, there are several new features related to debugging in Visual Basic 2008. For more information, see Debugging Your Visual Basic Application.

Conceptual Differences

Setting Watches

In Visual Basic 6.0, watches can be set at design time, or at run time when in break mode. In Visual Basic 2008, watches can be set only in break mode.

Compilation Errors

In Visual Basic 6.0, compilation errors cause an error-message dialog box to be displayed during debugging.

In Visual Basic 2008, compilation errors are highlighted in the Code Editor window with a blue underline. If you attempt to debug the application before fixing an error , a build-error warning is displayed and the error appears in the Task List window.

Run Time Exceptions

In Visual Basic 6.0, when an exception occurs during debugging, a modal dialog box is displayed with an error number. Dismissing the dialog box takes you to the offending line of code in the Code Editor.

In Visual Basic 2008, exceptions cause the non-modal Exception Assistant to be displayed in the Code Editor. The Exception Assistant shows the type of exception and gives troubleshooting tips and corrective actions. For more information, see Exception Assistant.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Debugging

In Visual Studio, some of the keyboard shortcuts for debugging are different for different languages; you can customize the settings to match your preferences.

When you first run Visual Basic 2008, you are asked to choose your development settings. If you choose Visual Basic Settings, the keyboard shortcuts will match those used in Visual Basic 6.0.


If your keyboard shortcuts do not match the Visual Basic 6.0 settings, you can apply the Visual Basic Settings in the Import and Export Settings Wizard, available from the Tools menu. For more information, see How to: Change Select Settings.

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