Visual Studio Editions and Hardware Requirements

For information about hardware requirements for Visual Studio 2008, see the readme file in the root directory of the Visual Studio 2008 installation media, or on the Internet at Readme: Visual Studio 2008.

Performance Tips

You may be able to improve the overall performance of this product on your computer by doing the following:

General tips:

  • Turn off virus checking on devenv.exe.

  • Defragment your hard disk after you install the product.

  • Check the RAM and processor recommendations for the edition you have installed, and then consider whether to upgrade the memory or disk speed.

When you have the integrated development environment (IDE) open:

  • Before you shut down your computer, close the tool windows that you do not use at startup. This may increase your startup speed the next time that you start.

  • Do not display the Properties window at startup. The Properties window displays automatically when you open a solution.

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