Determines whether floating-point contraction will take place.

#pragma fp_contract [ON | OFF]


By default, fp_contract is ON.

For more information on floating-point behavior, see /fp (Specify Floating-Point Behavior).

Other floating-point pragmas include:


The code generated from this sample does not use the Fused Multiply Add (fma) instruction on Itanium processors. If you comment out #pragma fp_contract (off), the generated code will use the fma instruction.

// pragma_directive_fp_contract.cpp
// compile with: /O2
#include <stdio.h>
#include <float.h>

#pragma fp_contract (off) 

int main() {
   double z, b, t;

   for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
      b = i * 5.5;
      t = i * 56.025;
      _set_controlfp(_PC_24, _MCW_PC);

      z = t * i + b;
      printf_s ("out=%.15e\n", z);

out=0.000000000000000e+000 out=6.152500152587891e+001 out=2.351000061035156e+002 out=5.207249755859375e+002 out=9.184000244140625e+002 out=1.428125000000000e+003 out=2.049899902343750e+003 out=2.783724853515625e+003 out=3.629600097656250e+003 out=4.587524902343750e+003

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