CSharpProjectConfigurationProperties3.CheckForOverflowUnderflow Property

This member provides internal-only access to C# project configuration properties. For more information, see Accessing Project Type Specific Project, Project Item, and Configuration Properties.

Namespace:  VSLangProj80
Assembly:  VSLangProj80 (in VSLangProj80.dll)


Property CheckForOverflowUnderflow As Boolean
Dim instance As CSharpProjectConfigurationProperties3 
Dim value As Boolean 

value = instance.CheckForOverflowUnderflow

instance.CheckForOverflowUnderflow = value
bool CheckForOverflowUnderflow { get; set; }
property bool CheckForOverflowUnderflow {
    bool get ();
    void set (bool value);
function get CheckForOverflowUnderflow () : boolean 
function set CheckForOverflowUnderflow (value : boolean)

Property Value

Type: System.Boolean




External components can access these properties through the Properties collection for the appropriate Visual Studio automation object. (That is, ProjectItem for project files and folders, Project for projects, and Configuration for configurations). This member name name can be used as an indexer into the Properties collection. For more information about accessing project properties through automation, see Accessing Project Type Specific Project, Project Item, and Configuration Properties and How to: Access Configuration Properties for Specific Types of Projects.

.NET Framework Security

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