Reorder Parameters

Reorder Parameters is a Visual C# refactoring operation that provides an easy way to change the order of the parameters for methods, indexers, and delegates. Reorder Parameters changes the declaration, and at any locations where the member is called, the parameters are rearranged to reflect the new order.

To perform the Reorder Parameters operation, put the cursor on or next to a method, indexer, or delegate. When the cursor is in position, invoke the Reorder Parameters operation by pressing the keyboard shortcut, or by clicking the command from a shortcut menu.

When you invoke Reorder Parameters, the Reorder Parameters dialog box appears. For more information, see Reorder Parameters Dialog Box and How to: Reorder Parameters.


You cannot reorder the first parameter in an extension method.


You can reorder parameters from a method declaration or a method call. Position the cursor on or next to the method or delegate declaration but not in the body.

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