ScriptEngineMajorVersion Property

Returns an Integer containing the major version number of the runtime currently in use.

ReadOnly Public Property ScriptEngineMajorVersion As Integer


The returned value corresponds directly to the version information contained in the DLL for the current runtime.

You can use ScriptEngineMajorVersion when your application is running as a standalone program, in a script, or in a host application.


The following example uses the ScriptEngineMajorVersion property and related properties to return a string describing the current run-time information:

Function getRuntimeInfo() As String 
    Dim runtime As String = ScriptEngine & " Version "
    runtime &= CStr(ScriptEngineMajorVersion) & "."
    runtime &= CStr(ScriptEngineMinorVersion) & "."
    runtime &= CStr(ScriptEngineBuildVersion)
    ' Return the current runtime information. 
    Return runtime
End Function

Smart Device Developer Notes

This property is not supported.


Namespace: Microsoft.VisualBasic

Module: Globals

Assembly: Visual Basic Runtime Library (in Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll)

Because ScriptEngineMajorVersion is a member of a module, rather than of a class, you do not need to create an object on which to access ScriptEngineMajorVersion.

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