SPC Function

Used with the Print or PrintLine function to position output.

Public Function SPC(ByVal Count As Short) As SPCInfo


  • Count
    Required. The number of spaces to insert before displaying or printing the next expression in a list.


If Count is less than the output line width, the next print position immediately follows the number of spaces printed. If Count is greater than the output line width, SPC calculates the next print position using the formula:


For example, if the current print position is 24, the output line width is 80, and you specify SPC(90), the next print will start at position 34 (current print position + the remainder of 90/80). If the difference between the current print position and the output line width is less than Count (or Count Mod width), the SPC function skips to the beginning of the next line and generates spaces equal to Count – (width – currentprintposition).


Make sure your tabular columns are wide enough to accommodate wide letters.


This example uses the SPC function to position output in a file and in the Output window.

' The SPC function can be used with the Print function.
FileOpen(1, "TESTFILE", OpenMode.Output)   ' Open file for output.
Print(1, "10 spaces between here", SPC(10), "and here.")
FileClose(1)   ' Close file.

Smart Device Developer Notes

This function is not supported.


Namespace: Microsoft.VisualBasic


Assembly: Visual Basic Runtime Library (in Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll)

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