IsArray Function (Visual Basic)

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether a variable points to an array.

Public Function IsArray(ByVal VarName As Object) As Boolean


  • VarName
    Required. Object variable.


IsArray returns True if the variable points to an array; otherwise, it returns False. IsArray is especially useful with objects that might contain arrays.


This example uses the IsArray function to check if several variables refer to an array.

Dim firstArray(4), secondArray(3) As Integer 
Dim thisString As String = "Test" 
Dim arrayCheck As Boolean
arrayCheck = IsArray(firstArray)
arrayCheck = IsArray(secondArray)
arrayCheck = IsArray(thisString)
' The first two calls to IsArray return True; the third returns False.


Namespace: Microsoft.VisualBasic

Module: Information

Assembly: Visual Basic Runtime Library (in Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll)

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