CSnapInItemImpl Class

This class provides methods for implementing a snap-in node object.

template < 
   class T, 
   BOOL bIsExtension = FALSE 
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CSnapInItemImpl : 
   public CSnapInItem


  • T
    Your class, derived from CSnapInItemImpl.

  • bIsExtension
    TRUE if the object is a snap-in extension; otherwise FALSE.


CSnapInItemImpl provides a basic implementation for a snap-in node object, such as adding menu items and toolbars, and forwarding commands for the snap-in node to the appropriate handler function. These features are implemented using several different interfaces and map types. The default implementation handles notifications sent to the node object by determining the correct instance of the derived class and then forwarding the message to the correct instance.


Header: atlsnap.h

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