Importing Security Components Using XML Files

A new application that you want to install on your computer might include security components that do not come with the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). In this case, the application might also include a text file that contains information about the security component in XML form. This information corresponds to the XML serialization of the component. The XML file contains a specific configuration of the security component.

The security system uses XML files to store and recreate the code group hierarchy for each policy level. When you receive an XML file from an application developer, you must insert its contents into the security configuration file. This ensures that the new security component is recognized by the common language runtime. In most cases, you can do this by using the .NET Framework Configuration tool (Mscorcfg.msc).

Depending on the complexity and purpose of the new security component, you might need to change its configuration. See the documentation that comes with the component to learn how to change its configuration.


If the application does not come with an XML text file, you must create one manually. See the application's documentation to determine how to create this file.

Although the application developer determines its contents, the XML file will follow a specific format. This section describes what you might see in the XML file, how each component affects security policy, and what you must do to make the runtime recognize the new component.

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