Deployment Scenarios for .NET Framework Applications

This section describes several possible deployment scenarios that can be used for common language runtime applications. You package and deploy your application differently depending on your deployment requirements. Note that these are only suggested scenarios for particular types of applications. Your deployment needs might dictate using another method. The following are typical deployment scenarios:

  • Deploying an ASP.NET application.

    Packaging: Application and DLLs

    Distribution: XCOPY or FTP distribution

    You can use XCOPY or FTP to deploy an ASP.NET application onto a server. You can then run one version of the application side-by-side with another version, and you can also update the application without closing it. The common language runtime makes it easy for you to run the application simultaneously with other applications, without DLL conflicts.

    For a complete discussion of ASP.NET deployment, see Deploying XML Web Services.

  • Deploying a Windows Forms application.

    Packaging: Microsoft Windows Installer package (.msi)

    Distribution: Windows Installer

    Distributing a Windows Forms application using the Windows Installer allows you to leverage both the Installer and Windows 2000 Application Management. You can also advertise the application's availability, publish the application, use the Add/Remove Programs option in Control Panel to install or remove the application, and easily repair the application, if necessary.

  • Deploying a Windows Forms Control or other code by downloading.

    Packaging: Compressed CAB files (.cab) or compiled libraries (.dll)

    Distribution: Code download

    Distributing a Windows Forms control can be as simple as making the application available for download on a Web host. You can compress the files that make up the application for quicker download.

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