Eventing Service

Events requiring user notification occur in several Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System applications. Events can also integrate loosely coupled services. Therefore, Team System includes a flexible, extensible mechanism for subscription and notification. User notification usually happens by e-mail using SMTP. SOAP and web services usually generate the service notifications.

Events and the Notification Service

The Team Foundation Notification Service is a reliable, asynchronous publish-and-subscribe event-notification system that supports the distributed Visual Studio Team System environment. The notification service enables a tool or service to register event types. Users can subscribe to those events. Other services may subscribe to the events as well. When the source tool raises an event, it matches the event with subscriptions and notifications.

You can make a notification in the following way:

  • Notify an end-user through e-mail.

  • Identify the invocation of a Web service.

In This Section

  • Defining TFS Events
    Describes how to create schema definitions for the Team Foundation Server events.

  • Subscribing to TFS Events
    Explains how to select the Team Foundation Server events for notification.

  • Linking Service
    Explains how the Team Foundation Server creates links between artifacts created by different tools.

  • Security Service
    Describes how the unified security model used by the Team Foundation Server manages users, groups, and permissions. Also, it shows you how to integrate extensions into the security model.