ForbiddenPatternsCheckinPolicy Sample

The ForbiddenPatternsCheckinPolicy Sample contains one project. It demonstrates how to write a check-in policy for Visual Studio Team Foundation.

To build the project

  1. In the Sample Browser, right-click C# Example.ForbiddenPatternsCheckinPolicy, and select Open in VS.

  2. For any missing references, manually re-add a reference to those DLLs in the Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies folder of your Visual Studio install path.


  3. Open ForbiddenPatternsPolicy.cs.

    This is the sample check-in policy.

  4. Press F6 to build the sample.


  • Team Foundation Server installation.

  • A computer that has Visual Studio installed.

  • A computer that has Team Explorer installed.


Shows how to write a check-in policy for Version Control Server of Visual Studio 2005 Team System. The sample only enables files to be checked in that match a wildcard specification.

Source Files


The sample check-in policy


A dialog box that accepts the wildcard for comparison

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