Integrating a Web Service Notification Customer

WebMethod clients should accept calls in the following format.

[SoapDocumentMethod(Action = "",  RequestNamespace=""
public void Notify(string eventXml, string tfsIdentityXml, SubscriptionInfo SubscriptionInfo) 




The event serialized in XML.


Information about the Team Foundation server. The url attribute can be used to construct a TeamFoundationServer object for communication with the Team Foundation Server that sent the event.


Information about who made the subscription. This parameter name begins with an upper case S.

The method name should be Notify, either directly or through the Web Method MessageName attribute. The Web service address should be passed in as the DeliveryPreference.address in the Subscribe Web method.


address is set to http://myserver/myWebApplication/MyService.asmx

The contents of the event are the same as what was passed into the Eventing Service. No return value is necessary.

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