Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AllowedValuesCollection
Public class Attachment Attachment Linking Class.
Public class AttachmentCollection
Public class BatchReadParameter
Public class BatchReadParameterCollection A collection of BatchReadParameter objects, each specifying a work item ID and an optional revision.
Public class BatchSaveError Class that communicates results of a save for a single WorkItem.
Public class BatchSaveFailedException Infrastructure.
Public class BatchSaveRetryFailedException Infrastructure.
Public class CancelableAsyncResult Accessor for CancelableAsyncResult. Can be used to access the state of the asynchronous operation or cancel the result.
Public class CannotChangePageSizeException Infrastructure.
Public class ClientException
Public class ConnectionException Infrastructure.
Public class CoreFieldReferenceNames This class holds the reference names for all CoreFields.
Public class DeniedOrNotExistException Infrastructure.
Public class DisplayFieldList Class that represents the fields selected in a query.
Public class DuplicateBatchReadParameterException Infrastructure.
Public class DuplicateWorkItemException Infrastructure.
Public class ExternalLink This class stores external links. An ExternalLink is a link to other tools.
Public class Field This sealed class is used to hold field/value pairs for work items.
Public class FieldCollection Manages a collection of WorkItem Field objects.
Public class FieldDefinition This class is used to hold Field definitions.
Public class FieldDefinitionCollection This sealed class is used to hold Field definitions.
Public class FieldDefinitionNotExistException Infrastructure.
Public class FieldFilter This class represents a single field/value pair that can be used in a list of field/value pairs used to model properties on a FieldDefinition object.
Public class FieldFilterList List of Field/value pairs used as filters when calling AllowedValues.
Public class FileAttachmentException Infrastructure. Base class for file attachment exceptions.
Public class Hyperlink This class stores hyperlinks. A hyperlink link type is a URL, UNC, or URI.
Public class ImportEventArgs Arguments for import events.
Public class ImportStructureException Infrastructure.
Public class ImportWorkitemTypeException Infrastructure.
Public class InternalDatastoreException Infrastructure.
Public class InternalFields Static class that defines all internal field CoreFieldReferenceNames. Internal fields are used by the WorkItemTracking system and cannot be used or modified by the user.
Public class InvalidFieldValueException Infrastructure.
Public class InvalidProjectException Infrastructure.
Public class InvalidQueryTextException Infrastructure.
Public class InvalidTreeNodeException Infrastructure.
Public class ItemAlreadyUpdatedOnServerException Infrastructure.
Public class Link This abstract class is the base class for all other links that include Hyperlink, RelatedLink, and ExternalLink.
Public class LinkCollection A collection of outgoing links for the current WorkItem.
Public class MetadataEventArgs Provides data for the MetadataChanged event.
Public class Node This read-only class encapsulates nodes used for classifying work items by Area and Iteration.
Public class NodeCollection This class holds a collection of Node objects.
Public class PageSizeRangeException Infrastructure.
Public class Project This is a read-only class that inherits from the Node.
Public class ProjectCollection This class holds a collection of all the work item projects on the Team Foundation Server.
Public class Query This class encapsulates a Query against the work item store. Queries are scoped to a WorkItemStore and are described in the Work Item Query Language.
Public class ReadOnlyFieldException Infrastructure.
Public class RegisteredLinkType Stores a registered link type.
Public class RegisteredLinkTypeCollection A collection of RegisteredLinkType objects.
Public class RelatedLink This class stores related links. A RelatedLink links two WorkItem objects in the same store.
Public class RequestCancelledByUserException Infrastructure.
Public class RequestNotCancelableException Infrastructure.
Public class Revision This class stores WorkItem revisions.
Public class RevisionCollection A collection of history items for a WorkItem.
Public class Schemas Class to store the schema type for a WorkItem.
Public class Server Class from which to make server calls.
Public class ServerRejectedChangesException Infrastructure.
Public class SortField This field can be used to sort the list returned by a query.
Public class SortFieldList This class represents the fields that can be used to sort a query.
Public class StoredQueriesChangedEventArgs This class handles events raised when a change occurs to a StoredQuery.
Public class StoredQuery The StoredQuery class provides server-side WIQL query persistence.
Public class StoredQueryCollection Queries can be persisted on the Team Foundation Server using the StoredQueryCollection class.
Public class UnexpectedErrorException The class for reporting unusual error conditions.
Public class ValidationException Used for data validation exceptions and returns the default value this.LogException = false. Derived from ClientException.
Public class WorkItem This class encapsulates a work item instance.
Public class WorkItemAsyncEventArgs A class to handle WorkItem asynchronous change events to the state of a query.
Public class WorkItemChangeRejectedException Infrastructure.
Public class WorkItemCollection This class encapsulates a collection of WorkItems.
Public class WorkItemEventArgs
Public class WorkItemStore Encapsulates the data store that contains all work items on a particular Team Foundation server. Each work item store is scoped at the server level.
Public class WorkItemStoreDiagnostics This class contains a set of methods to return diagnostic information about the WorkItemStore.
Public class WorkItemType This is a sealed class that represents a WorkItemType.
Public class WorkItemTypeCollection This collection class is designed to hold WorkItemTypes.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ImportEventHandler Event handler for import events.
Public delegate MetadataChangeEventHandler Event handler for the MetadataChanged event. These events are raised when the client has detected metadata changes on the server and finished refreshing its local cache.
Public delegate StoredQueriesEventHandler This event handler listens to changes to StoredQuery objects.
Public delegate WorkItemAsyncEventHandler This event handler listens to asynchronous changes to the state of a query.
Public delegate WorkItemFieldChangeEventHandler This event handler listens to field change events. These events are raised when changes are made to the WorkItem.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BaseLinkType Enumeration of the various link types.
Public enumeration CancelableActionState
Public enumeration CoreField Enumerates common work item CoreField objects.
Public enumeration FieldStatus Enumerates the status of a Field. The status depends upon the validity of the field's value.
Public enumeration FieldType Enumerates all field definition types.
Public enumeration ImportSeverity This enumeration reports the severity of an import problem.
Public enumeration ImportStructureException.Type Infrastructure.
Public enumeration ImportWorkitemTypeException.Type Infrastructure.
Public enumeration MetadataChangeTypes All possible metadata change types.
Public enumeration Node.TreeType Infrastructure.
Public enumeration PageSizes Enumeration of page sizes that are supported for queries and batch reads.
Public enumeration QueryScope Enumeration to set the scope of a query.
Public enumeration SchemaType Enumerates the supported schemas in WorkItemTracking.
Public enumeration SortType This enumeration declares the sort order for the sorted list.
Public enumeration StoredQueriesAction This enumeration reports the type of action taken on a stored query.
Public enumeration StringDataLengths Maximum lengths for string values that can be saved to the database.
Public enumeration UserDisplayMode Infrastructure.