SccEnumChangedFiles Function

Given a list of local files, this function determines which files are different from the corresponding versions in the source code control database.

SCCRTN SccEnumChangedFiles(
   LPVOID  pContext,
   HWND    hWnd,
   LONG    cFiles,
   LPCSTR* lpFileNames,
   LONG*   plIsFileDifferent


  • pContext
    [in] The source control plug-in context pointer.

  • hWnd
    [in] A handle to the IDE window that the source control plug-in can use as a parent for any dialog boxes that it provides.

  • cFiles
    [in] Number of file names specified in the lpFileNames array. Also specifies size of plIsFileDifferent array.

  • lpFileNames
    [in] Array of local file names to check.

  • plIsFileDifferent
    [in, out] Array of values indicating the difference status of each file (array must have at least cFiles entries). Nonzero means that the file is different.

Return Value

The source control plug-in implementation of this function is expected to return one of the following values:




Operation completed successfully.


Generic error.

See Also


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