How to: Insert Marks in a Profiler Data File

Profiling marks are data points that can be inserted into a profiler data file during the performance session. Marks can be used to filter the data that is displayed in the Profiling Tools Report views. The profiling marks that are available in a performance session are shown in the Marks list of the Data Collection Control window. A list of default marks are created with every session. You can modify the mark names, and add and remove marks. For more information, see How to: Configure Profiling Marks

Profiling marks are listed in the Data Collection Control window with a numeric identifier and a name. You can insert marks with the same name multiple times in a profiler data file. The profiler automatically increments the mark identifier after the mark is inserted into the file.

Inserting Marks in a Profiler Data File

To insert a mark in a profiler data file

  • Select the mark from the Marks list in the Data Collection Control window, and then click Insert Mark on the Data Collection Control toolbar.


  • Right-click the mark, and then select Insert Mark.

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