Upgrading Earlier Versions of Architecture Edition

You can upgrade your Visual Studio solution from an earlier version of Visual Studio Team System Architecture Edition. You can use the Visual Studio Conversion Wizard to upgrade your solution. For more information, see Visual Studio Conversion Wizard.

Solutions that Contain Visual J# Applications

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Architecture Edition does not contain support for Visual J#. As a result, you cannot select Visual J# as a language to implement application definitions in Application Designer. You cannot add new or existing Visual J# projects to your solution. For more information, see Considerations for Reverse-Engineering in Existing Solutions.

If you upgrade an earlier solution that contains distributed system diagrams with Visual J# application definitions and their uses as members of system definitions, you will encounter the following behavior:

  • For unimplemented Visual J# application definitions, Visual Studio will change their Language property to Visual Basic. You can then implement these applications as usual.

  • For implemented Visual J# Windows applications, these applications appear orphaned on the application diagram and system diagrams. Their projects will appear unloaded in your solution.

    To resolve this issue, repair the orphaned members on your system diagrams by choosing other application definitions that you can assign to those members. Remove the unavailable projects from your solution and delete the orphaned application definitions from the application diagram.

    For more information, see the following topics:

  • For Visual J# ASP.NET applications that are implemented as Web sites, Visual Studio will change their Language property to Visual Basic. If these applications have .NET Web Service provider endpoints, the endpoints will appear orphaned with a warning icon (!) because Visual Studio will not load the associated Web service class file.

    To resolve this issue, delete the orphaned endpoints and add new .NET Web Service provider endpoints.

For more information, see Visual J#.

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