The framework calls this member function to notify an application of a change in session state.

afx_msg void OnSessionChange(
    UINT nSessionState, 
    UINT nId




[in] nSessionState

A status code describes the session state change.

[in] nId

A session identifier.


This method receives the WM_WTSSESSION_CHANGE notification, which is described in the Windows SDK.

The nSessionState parameter specifies that a session is connected or disconnected from the console or a remote terminal, a user logged on or off, a session is locked or unlocked, or a session has changed to remote-controlled status. For more information, see the wParam parameter of the the WM_WTSSESSION_CHANGE message.


This member function is called by the framework to allow your application to handle a Windows message. The parameters passed to your function reflect the parameters received by the framework when the message was received. If you call the base-class implementation of this function, that implementation will use the parameters originally passed with the message and not the parameters you supply to the function.


Header: afxwin.h

This method is supported in Windows Vista and later.

Additional requirements for this method are described in Build Requirements for Windows Vista Common Controls.

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