How to: Exclude or Include Short Functions from Instrumentation

By default, the Profiling tools exclude small functions from instrumentation. Small functions are short functions that do not make any function calls. Excluding these small functions provides for less instrumentation overhead therefore improving instrumentation speed. The exclusion of small functions also reduces the performance profiling data file (.vsp) size and time that is required for analysis. If small functions are excluded, the time that is spent in the small functions counts against the exclusive and inclusive time of their parent functions. Small functions can be excluded or included in instrumentation, as described in the following procedure.

To exclude or include short functions from instrumentation

  1. In Performance Explorer, select Performance Session and then right-click and select Properties.

    The Property Pages dialog box is displayed.

  2. In the Property Pages, click the Instrumentation properties.

  3. To exclude short functions from being included in instrumentation, select Exclude short functions from Instrumentation. This is the default setting.


    To include short functions in instrumentation, clear Exclude short functions from Instrumentation.

  4. Click OK.

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