Option Strict On requires each lambda expression parameter to be declared with an 'As' clause if its type cannot be inferred

You have declared a parameter in a lambda expression without using an As clause, with Option Strict on.

' Not valid when Option Strict is on.
' Dim increment1 = Function (n) n + 1

The previous declaration is valid if the type of n can be inferred. For example, if you are assigning the previous lambda expression to a function delegate, Del:

Delegate Function Del(ByVal p As Integer) As Integer

Now the type of n can be inferred from parameter p:

Dim increment2 as Del = Function(n) n + 1

Error ID: BC36642

To correct this error

  • Add an As clause to the parameter declaration:

    Dim increment3 = Function (n As Integer) n + 1

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