Video How to: Creating Win32 Applications (C+)

Creating Win32 Applications Video How To

Authors: Kathleen McGrath, Harry Miller, Jim Vance, Marzena Makuta, Microsoft Corporation

Applies to: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008

Length: 00:05:43 | Size: 17.9 MB | Type: WMV file


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Video Summary

The Win32 API (also known as the Windows API) is a C-based framework for creating Windows applications, and has been around since Windows 1.0.

This video shows you how to create a simple Win32 application that displays "Hello, World!" in a window. The following tasks are included in the process:

  • How to create a new Win32 project.

  • How to start a Win32 application by using the WinMain and WindProc functions.

  • How to add functionality to the WinMain and WindProc functions to display "Hello, World!" in a window.

  • How to build and run your application.

The Visual C++ Help includes the code and the steps that are demonstrated in this video. See Creating Win32 Applications (C+).

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