Add Event Wizard

This wizard adds an event to an MFC ActiveX control project. You can specify your own event, you can customize a typically stock event, or you can select from a list of stock events.

  • Event name
    Sets the name used by Automation clients to request an event from the class. Enter a name or select one from the list.

  • Event type
    Indicates the type of event to add. Available only if you select from the Event Name list.




    Specifies that a stock event, such as a button click, will be implemented for this class. Stock events are defined in the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library.


    Specifies that you are providing your own implementation of the event.

  • Internal name
    Sets the name of the member function that sends the event. Available only for custom events. The name is based on Event name. You can change the internal name if you want to provide a name different than Event name.

  • Parameter type
    Sets the type for the Parameter name. Select the type from the list.

  • Parameter name
    Sets the name of a parameter to pass through your event. After typing the name, you must click Add to add it the list of parameters.

    Once you click Add, the parameter name appears in Parameter list.


    If you supply a parameter name and then click Finish before you click Add, then the parameter is not added to the event. You must find the method and insert the parameter manually. Parameter list

  • Add
    Adds the parameter you specify in Parameter name, and its type, to Parameter list. You must click Add to add a parameter to the list.

  • Remove
    Removes the parameter you select in Parameter list from the list.

  • Parameter list
    Displays all parameters and their types currently added for the method. As you add parameters, the wizard updates Parameter list to display each parameter with its type.

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