How to: Locate the Product Key for Team Foundation Server

You must provide a product key for Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server when you upgrade from Team Foundation Server Trial Edition or Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition. If you acquired Team Foundation Server through a volume licensing program, the key is embedded in the installation medium and can be difficult to find. Often you can obtain this key most easily by manually extracting it from your Volume License medium (CD, DVD, or .ISO image).


If you have any issues during the upgrade process, you can contact support for Visual Studio Team System. For more information, see "Help and Support" on the Microsoft Web site.

To locate your product key

  1. On your .ISO file or the installation medium for Team Foundation Server, open the AT folder.


    For information about how to access your ISO file, see the MSDN Subscriptions FAQ on the Microsoft Web site.

  2. In a text editor such as Notepad, open the setup.sdb file, and search for the line that contains the text Product Key.

    The next line is the product key.

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