Solutions, User Interface Elements

A solution contains projects, their items, and optionally, project-independent files of two types: solution items and miscellaneous files. Solutions allow you to centrally organize all of the projects and files needed to design, develop, and deploy an application or component. To learn more about solutions and projects, see Introduction to Solutions, Projects, and Items. The following table includes pointers to and descriptions of solution-related user interface elements.

Dialog Box


Solution Explorer

Describes the relationships between the parts of Solution Explorer.

Solution Property Pages Dialog Box

Describes the Solution Property Pages dialog box, which offers important tools for managing builds.

How to: Edit Common Properties for Solutions

Explains how to edit the common properties for solutions.

Add New Project Dialog Box

Used to add new projects to your application, using a wide variety of projects.

Add Existing Project Dialog Box

Used to help you manage the process of adding existing projects to your solution.

Add New Item - Solution Items Dialog Box

Used to choose a file type and add a stand-alone item to the current solution.

Add Existing Item - Solution Items Dialog Box

Describes user interface elements and provides links to topics that discuss why you might want to add existing solution items, how to add them, and how they relate to projects.

Set Default Reference Dialog Box

Describes the Set Default Reference dialog box, which indicates the database to use when running scripts or queries in a project.

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