COM+ 1.0 Support in ATL Projects

You can use the ATL Project Wizard to create a project with basic support for COM+ 1.0 components.

COM+ 1.0 is designed for developing distributed component-based applications. It also provides a run-time infrastructure for deploying and managing these applications.

If you select the Support COM+ 1.0 check box, the wizard modifies the build script in the link step. Specifically, the COM+ 1.0 project links to the following libraries:

  • comsvcs.lib

  • Mtxguid.lib

If you select the Support COM+ 1.0 check box, you can also select Support component registrar. The component registrar allows your COM+ 1.0 object to get a list of components, register components, or unregister components (individually or all at once).

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