Inserts a Win32 resource file in the output file.



  • filename
    The name of the resource file to add to your output file. Enclose the file name in quotation marks (" ") if it contains a space.


You can create a Win32 resource file with the Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler (RC).

A Win32 resource can contain version or bitmap (icon) information that helps identify your application in Windows Explorer. If you do not specify /win32resource, the compiler generates version information based on the assembly version. The /win32resource and /win32icon options are mutually exclusive.

See /linkresource (Visual Basic) to reference a .NET Framework resource file, or /resource (Visual Basic) to attach a .NET Framework resource file.


The /win32resource option is not available from within the Visual Studio development environment; it is available only when compiling from the command line.


The following code compiles In.vb and attaches a Win32 resource file, Rf.res:

vbc /win32resource:rf.res in.vb

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