Working With Threads and Processes

Working with threads and processes is an important part of debugging. Visual Studio provides an interface for attaching to running processes you want to debug, for viewing information about attached processes and threads that run within those processes, and for controlling the execution of threads and processes you are debugging.

In This Section

  • Threads and Processes
    Introduces threads and processes, their role in computation, possible bugs that can result from threads and processes, and tools that are provided by Visual Studio for debugging threads and processes.

  • Attaching to Running Processes
    Describes how to use the Visual Studio debugger to attach to processes on your computer or a remote computer, set the current process after it is attached, detach from processes, and deal with attach errors.

  • How to: Use the Processes Window
    Describes how to use the Processes window to break the execution of a process, continue the execution of a process after a break, detach from the process, or terminate a process.

  • Debugging Multithreaded Applications
    Describes the Threads windows and other features for debugging multithreaded applications, with emphasis on new features for Visual Studio 2008. Also includes how to debug a multithreaded C++ application on a high-performance cluster.

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