Getting Started with Visual Studio

You can use several methods to become familiar with Visual Studio, whether you have used other versions of the product or are new to the product.

Familiar with previous releases of Visual Studio?

If you have used earlier versions of Visual Studio, the following topics are a good way to learn more about this version and get you up and running quickly.

For a comprehensive list of new features, see An Overview of Visual Studio.

Migrating Existing Applications

With each release, some tools and technologies are replaced with better methods for achieving your programming goals. As a result, applications created by using an earlier version of Visual Studio might have to be updated in order to load and build correctly with the current version of Visual Studio.

For applications created by using


Visual Basic

Upgrading Applications Created in Previous Versions of Visual Basic


Walkthrough: Upgrading a Visual Basic 6.0 Application to the Current Version of Visual Basic

Visual C#

Migrating to Visual C#

Visual C++

Porting and Upgrading Programs

How to: Upgrade Projects from Previous Versions of Visual C++

Visual Studio Web designer

Visual Web Developer Project Migration from Visual Studio

Classic ASP

Migrating to ASP.NET

New to Visual Studio?

If you are new to .NET programming or Visual Studio, the following topics are a good place to start familiarizing yourself with the product.

Visual Studio Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs guide you through the completion of a task using Visual Studio. Use walkthroughs to become familiar with the product and see how the various technologies can be used together.

Technology area


Rich Client Application Walkthroughs

Describes the process for creating an MFC-based rich client application.

Web Forms Application Walkthroughs

Describes the process for creating a Web-based application integrated with business-object components written for Visual Basic, Visual C#, or C++.

Creating and Accessing Web Services Walkthroughs

Describes the process for creating an XML Web service that uses Visual Basic or C#, C++, or ATL Server, and then using the XML Web service from an application.

ASP.NET Selected Walkthroughs

Lists walkthroughs that illustrate how to use Visual Web Developer to create Web sites.

For additional walkthroughs, see Visual Studio Walkthroughs.


Samples provide a good way of seeing how a particular programming task has been implemented in code. A variety of samples are available in the following topics:

For additional samples, see Descriptions of Visual Studio Samples.

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