How to: Manage Editor Windows

You can work on code in several locations at once. Do this by splitting a Code Editor window, or by opening several instances of code editor windows.

Splitting the Code Editor window

An instance of the Code Editor can be split into two separate views for easier editing.

To split a pane

  1. Click within the Code Editor window to give it focus.

  2. From the Window menu, select Split.

    The editing area divides into two panes separated by a splitter bar. You can scroll these panes independently to view and edit different parts of the active document at the same time. Any changes made in one pane are reflected in the other.


    To make one pane larger than the other, drag the splitter bar upward or downward.

To return to single-pane view

  • From the Window menu, select Remove Split.

Creating New Windows

You can also create multiple instances of the Code Editor. This feature allows you to open a lengthy document in more than one instance of the editor, so that you can view and edit different sections simultaneously in separate, full-sized Editor windows.

To create a new window

  • On the Window menu, click New Window.

    In Tabbed documents mode (the default environment), a new tabbed instance of the Code Editor is added. In Multiple documents mode, a new window opens. For more information, see General, Environment, Options Dialog Box.

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