VsWizardClass.Execute Method

Called when a wizard is launched from either the Add New Item Dialog Box or New Project Dialog Box dialog boxes.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.VsWizard
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.VsWizard (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.VsWizard.dll)


Public Overridable Sub Execute ( _
    Application As Object, _
    hwndOwner As Integer, _
    ByRef ContextParams As Object(), _
    ByRef CustomParams As Object(), _
    <OutAttribute> ByRef retval As wizardResult _
Dim instance As VsWizardClass 
Dim Application As Object 
Dim hwndOwner As Integer 
Dim ContextParams As Object()
Dim CustomParams As Object()
Dim retval As wizardResult

instance.Execute(Application, hwndOwner, _
    ContextParams, CustomParams, retval)
public virtual void Execute(
    Object Application,
    int hwndOwner,
    ref Object[] ContextParams,
    ref Object[] CustomParams,
    out wizardResult retval
virtual void Execute(
    [InAttribute] Object^ Application, 
    [InAttribute] int hwndOwner, 
    [InAttribute] array<Object^>^% ContextParams, 
    [InAttribute] array<Object^>^% CustomParams, 
    [InAttribute] [OutAttribute] wizardResult% retval
public function Execute(
    Application : Object, 
    hwndOwner : int, 
    ContextParams : Object[], 
    CustomParams : Object[], 
    retval : wizardResult


  • Application
    Type: System.Object

    Required. A dispatch pointer to the highest-level automation object for the Visual Studio environment.

  • hwndOwner
    Type: System.Int32

    Required. The hWnd handle for the parent of the wizard's window.

  • ContextParams
    Type: array<System.Object[]%

    Required. An array of elements that vary, depending on whether your wizard is launched from the Add New Item or New Project dialog boxes. See ContextParams Enum for a list of available values.

  • CustomParams
    Type: array<System.Object[]%

    Required. An array of user-defined parameters, determined by the param= statements in the wizard's .vsz file. You can use the parameters passed in this array to customize a wizard's behavior and role. See Predefined CustomWizard Symbols for a list of available values.


IDTWizard.Execute(Object, Int32, array<Object[]%, array<Object[]%, wizardResult%)


Execute is implemented by a wizard writer to display the appropriate wizard. It is called when a wizard is launched from either the Add New Item or the New Project dialog boxes.

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