Windows Applications (How Do I in Visual Basic)

This page links to help on widely used Visual Basic tasks for creating Windows applications. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Visual Basic.

In General

Use Windows Forms and Controls

Working with Forms

Design Time

Run Time

Common Controls

TextBox Controls

RichTextBox Controls

Button Controls

CheckBox and RadioButton Controls

CheckBox Control

RadioButton Controls

ListBox, ComboBox, and CheckedListBox Controls

CheckedListBox Control

DataGridView Control

DataGridView Layout and Formatting

ListView and TreeView Controls

ListView Control

TreeView Control

Container Controls

Picture and Image Controls

Date-Setting Controls

DateTimePicker Control

MonthCalendar Control

Data Access (for Windows Forms)

ToolStrip Control

Context Menus

Data Binding with Controls

BindingSource Control

BindingNavigator Control


User Controls and Custom Controls

Multiple Document Interfaces (MDI)


Localizing and Globalizing Windows Forms

Manage Application Resources

Work with Files, Folders, and Drives

Read from Files

Work with Files

Work with Drives

Write to Files

Work with Folders

Log and Trace Events

Use Application Templates

Interoperate with COM

Manage Application Settings

Access Computer Resources

Use the Clipboard

Play Sounds

Work with the Registry

Use the Event Log

Work with Networks

Use Source Code Control

Write Secure Applications


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