Resource Editing in Native Device Projects

Because of the multiplatform nature of Visual Studio, a separate resource file is generated for each platform you decide to include, such as Pocket PC and Smartphone. The Resource editors for device projects are almost identical to the Resource editors for desktop projects. Every editor is supported, and only the Dialog editor has any significant changes. For more information, see Using the Resource Editors for Device Projects and Resource Editors.

You can target all platforms at project creation time; this makes it easy to customize the UI of your application to suit the device form factors and enables you to maintain one project for your multiplatform application. The sample project created in Walkthrough: Creating a Multiplatform MFC Application for Smart Devices has both a Pocket PC resource file and a Smartphone resource file. Note that the Smartphone resource file has a No Build icon on it because the current active configuration for the project is Pocket PC 2003 (Armv4). You can change the active configuration to Smartphone 2003 (ArmV4) by using the Configuration Manager Settings, Smart Device Project Wizard. This will remove the No Build icon from the Smartphone 2003 resource file, and the icon will appear on the Pocket PC 2003 (Armv4) resource file instead.

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