How to: Create a Team Project

If your user account has the Create new projects permission, you can create a new team project by using the New Team Project wizard. The New Team Project wizard displays multiple pages for specifying settings for the new team project. The process template you select when you run the wizard determines which pages are displayed. The following procedure uses the MSF for Agile Software Development process. You might see different pages if you select a different process.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Team Foundation Administrators security group. If the necessary security permissions are set explicitly, you must have the View server-level information and the Create new projects permissions set to Allow. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

To create a new team project

  1. On the File menu, click New Team Project.


    If you are not using the Project Management environment settings, then on the File menu, point to New, and then click Team Project.

    The New Team Project wizard appears.


    If you have not connected to a Team Foundation Server, you will be prompted to connect to one now. For more information, see How to: Connect to Team Foundation Server

  2. On the Specify the Team Project Settings page, type a name for the team project in the What is the name of the team project? box.

    The name should be descriptive enough that team members can easily associate it with the software product. This name is what all team members will use to connect to the team project.

  3. Click Next.

  4. On the Select a Process Template page, select a process template from the Which process template should be used to create the team project? list.

    Team Explorer includes process templates based on the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF). By default, two process templates are available: MSF for Agile Software Development - v4.0, and MSF for CMMI Process Improvement - v4.0. Your team or organization might provide additional process templates. You can see a description for each process template by selecting the template and reading the text in The following describes the process template in more detail.


    If you want to use a process template that does not appear on the list, you must first upload the template to the Team Foundation Server. For more information, see How to: Upload a Process Template.

  5. If you want to accept the default settings on the remaining wizard pages, click Finish. If you want to consider and select the remaining settings, click Next.

  6. Complete the Specify the Setting for the Project Portal page:

    1. What is the title of the team project portal?   If you want a project portal name different from the team project name, type a name that is easily identified by all team members.

      The site title is part of the home page of the project portal.

    2. What is the description of the team project portal?   Enter a description for the project portal.

      The description appears on the home page of the project portal.

    The project portal is a team Web site (using Windows SharePoint Services) that stores and versions team project-related documents. For more information, see Using the Team Project Portal.

  7. If you want to accept the default settings on the remaining wizard pages, click Finish. If you want to consider and select the remaining settings, click Next.

  8. Complete the Specify Source Control Settings page by selecting one of three options:

    • You can select Create an empty source control folder. Specify a name for the folder.

    • You can select Create a new source control branch. Specify which folder to branch from. For more information, see Understanding Branching.

    • You can select Do not create a source control folder at this time.

  9. If you want to accept the current settings without reviewing them, click Finish. If you want to review the settings, click Next.

  10. On the Confirm Team Project Settings page, review the choices and values that you specified. If the information is correct, click Finish. Otherwise, click Previous to make changes.

    The New Team Project wizard creates your new team project.


    It may take several minutes for the wizard to finish.

  11. On the Team Project Creation Status page, view the status messages and status bar that describes what the wizard is doing.

  12. On the Team Project Created page, if you want to read more details about the work items, roles, activities, and other aspects of the team process, select Launch the process guidance for more information about how to run the team project.

  13. Click Close.

    The new team project displays in Team Explorer. If the wizard encounters a problem as it is creating the new team project, you will see an error message that describes the problem and suggesting corrective action.

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