How to: Monitor Build Progress

Team Foundation Build lets you monitor the progress of a build when it is building. For information about running a build, see How to: Queue or Start a Build Definition. The states of a build in progress include the following:

  • Initializing build

  • Getting sources

  • Labeling sources

  • Compiling <Solution Name> for <Platform>/<Configuration>

  • Project <Project Name> is building <application name> with default targets.


    This can be different if the targets have been customized.

  • Running tests

  • Generating a list of changesets and updating work items


    This appears only on successful builds.

  • Copying binaries to drop location

  • Creating work item (Note   Appears on build breaks)

  • Succeeded

  • Failed

  • Stopped

If a user needs access to the build agent for an investigation, you should add the user to the build agent computer and grant the user permissions on the build directory. It is not recommended that you grant the user build service account permissions, as that enables the user to control the entire build process.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must have the Team Foundation Server View project-level information permission set to Allow. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

To monitor build progress in a build report

  • Right-click the in-progress build in the Queued tab of the Builds Explorer, and then click Open to view a build report.

    For more information, see How to: View a Build Report.

    The build progress information in the report is refreshed automatically during the build process.

To stop a build in progress

  • Perform one of the following steps:

    • Right-click the in-progress build you want to stop in the Queued tab of the Builds Explorer, and then click Stop on the drop-down menu.

      - Or -

    • Select the in-progress build, and then click the Stop icon in the tool bar.

  • Use the stop command from the command line and specify the name of the build that you want to stop.

    For more information, see Stop Command (Team Foundation Build).

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