How to: Search for Settings

The Settings and Constraints Editor includes a search feature that enables you to locate a particular string contained in settings or constraints. The search feature looks at settings and constraints names as well as categories.


If a resource has not been added to an application, logical server, endpoint, or zone, you will not be able to find settings that exist within that resource. For more information, see Adding Resources.

To search for a string in the Settings and Constraints Editor

  1. Select a node in the left pane of the Settings and Constraints Editor.

  2. Right-click and choose Search.

    The Search Settings and Constraints dialog box appears.

  3. Under Find what, enter the string you want to search for.

  4. Under Look in, you can choose to search in settings, constraints, both settings and constraints, or overridden settings.

    The first three options look at the names of setting or constraints (for example, "authExpiredUrl" in the WebApplication settings category). Searching for overridden setting values while leaving the Find what field blank will return all settings for which the Use Default attribute is not selected.


    If machine.config or web.config settings on your machine differ from the default values specified in system definition model documents provided with the Distributed System Designers (for example, Microsoft.Configuration.sdmDocument for config settings), then the Use Default check box automatically clears and these settings will show up in the search results for overridden settings.

  5. Click Find All.

    The results of your search appear under Find results.

  6. Click any item in the list to navigate to the item that includes the search string, or click on any of the column headers (Name, Type or Path) to sort the results.


    You can conduct multiple searches concurrently in different search windows.

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