How to: Start and End Profiling

You must add the target binary that you want to profile to the performance session before you start profiling. To add a target, right-click Targets in Performance Explorer, and then click Add Target Binary. In the Add Target Binary dialog box, select the file name, and then click Open. A new binary is added.

To start profiling

  • Right-click the name of the performance session on the Performance Explorer window and choose one of the following options:

    • Launch with Profiling - starts the application and immediately begins profiling.

    • Launch with Profiling Paused - starts the application but does not begin profiling. You can start profiling by selecting Resume Collection in the Data Collection Control window. For more information, see How to: Pause and Resume Profiling.

To end profiling

  • The preferred method of ending a profiling session is to exit the application. To immediately stop profiling, on the Performance Explorer toolbar, click Stop.

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