Test Edition

Visual Studio Team System Test Edition includes a suite of test tools that are integrated closely with Visual Studio; they work not only in their own testing framework, but also within a larger framework of software life cycle tools.

Test Edition lets you create, manage, edit, and run tests, and also obtain and store test results. Several test types, including unit, Web, load, and manual tests, are integrated into Visual Studio. In addition, the measurement of code coverage is included. To learn more about the different available test types, see Selecting a Test Type.

You run tests by using the Visual Studio IDE. Additionally, you can run groups of tests or any single test other than the manual test type from a command line.

Because the testing tools are integrated with the other parts of the Visual Studio Team System, you can publish results to a database, generate trend and historical reports, compare different kinds of data, and see how many and which bugs were found because of testing.

In This Section

  • Getting Started with Team System Testing Tools
    Provides links that take you on a tour through the tools and windows of Visual Studio Team System 2008 Test Edition.

  • Testing Tools Tasks
    Provides links that describe the tasks involved in working with various kinds of tests.

  • Test Types
    Provides links to descriptions of several test types that you can use for your specific software testing purposes.

  • Controllers, Agents, and Rigs
    Provides links to information about how to set up and administer computers for running tests remotely and for generating simulated test loads.

  • Team Foundation
    Provides links to topics that discuss an extensible team collaboration server that enables all members of the extended IT team to manage and track the progress and health of projects.

  • Architecture Edition
    Provides links to topics that discuss visual designers that enable architects, operations managers, and developers to design service-oriented solutions that can be validated against their operational environments.

  • Development Edition
    Provides links to topics that discuss advanced development tools that enable teams to build reliable, mission-critical services and applications.

  • Testing Tools for Smart Device Projects
    Provides links to topics that discuss testing tools for smart device applications.