How to: Delete Test Results

Visual Studio Team System Test Edition automatically stores all test results to a folder on your computer. In addition to this automatic mechanism, you can also explicitly store test results, as described in How to: Export Test Results. In both cases, the data of a single test run is stored in a file with the .trx extension. Depending on the test type and whether code coverage data is being gathered, other test results files are also stored.


To save disk space, you can limit the number of test runs that Visual Studio stores. For more information, see How to: Limit the Number of Stored Test Runs.

If you want to view and delete test runs using the Test Runs window, go to the Test Runs window. You can connect to a controller to see its test runs, grouped by state, Active or Completed. You can also use the Test Runs window to view local test runs. After several test runs, test results can consume much disk space. From the Test Runs window, you can use the following procedure to delete from disk test runs and the test results files they contain.

To delete test results

  1. Open the Test Runs window. Click Test, point to Windows, and then click Test Runs.

  2. Select test runs to display. Click the Select box, and then do one of the following actions:

    • Select from the list the name of a computer to connect to.

    • Type the name of a computer to connect to.

    • Click a previously loaded group of test runs, as displayed in the Select box.

    • Click Local or connect to remote. Then, under Select a remote controller or local results directory, click either Enter or select a controller machine name to connect to remote runs, or Select results from local runs. If you click Select results from local runs, you can then click the Browse button to display the Select results from local runs dialog box. In this dialog box, select a folder that contains test runs, and click OK.

    The test runs on that computer or in that folder are displayed.

  3. Expand the node that contains the test run you want to delete. The nodes in the Test Runs window are Active Runs, Queued Runs, and Completed Runs.

  4. Click the run you want to delete.

  5. Click Connect.

  6. Click the Delete button on the Test Runs toolbar.

    The test run is deleted from disk.

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