How to: Adjust Test Results Views

The Test Results window displays a single test run, which is the test run that is currently loaded. By default, this is the most recent test run. However, you can also load a different test run from the past; this test run is then displayed in the Test Results window. For more information about how to load test runs, see How to: Import Test Results.

You can change the display of the Test Results window in several ways. You can display a different test run, and within a test run, you can display results of different individual tests. You can show, hide, and re-order the columns in the tabular section of the Test Results window.

The Test Results window can display tests by result list, just like the Test List Editor. A result list is the set of results that is created when you run a test list. The hierarchy of result lists that is displayed in the Test Results window reflects the hierarchy of test lists that is displayed in the Test List Editor.

The following procedures describe how to change the display of the Test Results window.

To show test results by result list

  • Click View Results by Result List.

To show all test results

  • Click View All Results.

To sort test results

  • Click the heading of the column you want to sort by.

To display a previously run test run

  • In the Select Run drop-down list, click a test run.

    The default naming scheme for a test run is <user name>@<computer name> <date> <time>. You can change the naming scheme on the General page of the dialog box that is used to edit test run configurations. For more information, see How to: Specify a Test Run Configuration.

To group test results

  • Click Group By, and then choose a test property.

    The properties by which you can group test results are similar to those you can use to group tests in the Test List Editor.

To change the display of columns

  1. Right-click the column header and click Add/Remove Columns.

    The Add/Remove Columns dialog box is displayed.

  2. Put check marks in the boxes for the columns you want displayed.

  3. Move columns to the left or right by using the up and down arrows, respectively.

To see code coverage results

To display the Test [Results] page

  • The Test [Results] page displays in-depth test results about an individual test. To open this page, double-click the test result in the Test Results window, click the test result and press Enter, or right-click the test result and then select View Test Results Details. For more information, see Test Results Reported.

To display the Test Run Details page

  • The Test Run Details page displays in-depth results for an entire test run. To open this page, click the Run Details button on the Test Results toolbar, or click the status link on the Test Results status bar. You can recognize the status link by its wording, which reflects the status of the currently loaded test run: Test Run Error, Test Run Inconclusive, Test Run Failed, Test Run Aborted, or Test Run Completed. For more information, see Test Results Reported.

To filter test results

  • In the Filter Text drop-down list, type a text string, and then press Enter. The test results display is refreshed to show only the results that contain that text string, in any column. To show all test results, click the down arrow and then click <Clear Filter>.

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