How to: Run a Web Test

After you record a Web test, it is a good practice to run it and verify that it works correctly.

Running a Web Test

To run a Web test

  1. Open a Web test.

    Your Web test opens in the Web Test Editor.

    For more information about how to create a Web test, see Creating a Web Test.

  2. In the Web Test Editor, click Run on the toolbar to display the Web Test Viewer.

  3. In the Web Test Viewer, you have two options for running your test:

    Click the Run button to start your Web test.

    - or -

    Click the Step button to step through your Web test.

    The Web test runs and the results begin to display in the Web Test Viewer. For more information, see Running and Viewing a Web Test.

  4. To run your test again, click the Click here to run again link on the embedded status bar.


    Before you run your test again, you can also modify the number of iterations, network type, or browser type through the run settings. For more information, see How to: Change the Web Test Run Settings.

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