About Test Mix

The test mix specifies the probability of a virtual user running a given test in a load test scenario. This lets you simulate load more realistically. Instead of having just one workflow through your applications, you can have several workflows, which is a closer approximation of how end users interact with your applications.

After you add a set of tests to a load test, the test mix works like other mix options. A virtual user randomly selects a test, based on the probability you specified in the mix. For example, if you have two tests, each 50% in the mix, then a new virtual user chooses to run the first test roughly half the time. In a 50/50 mix, if one test is long, and another is short, more load comes from the long test.

After you have added tests to the mix, you can remove them. You also can change the distribution of the test mix using the mix control.

Mix Control

The mix control allows you to easily adjust the distribution of tests in a scenario. For more information, see About the Mix Control.

Next Steps

To select a test mix when you create a load test using the Load Test Wizard, or to change the test mix in the Load Test Editor after you create a load test, see How to: Specify Test Mix.

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