How to: Launch the Load Test Wizard

You use the Load Test Wizard to create a new load test. After you have finished the wizard, you will be able to go back and edit your load test, and change any of the settings that you chose in the wizard.


You might have already created Web tests or unit tests. You can use the Load Test Wizard to add them to the load test.

Launching the Load Test Wizard

To launch the Load Test Wizard

  1. Open a Test project.

  2. In Solution Explorer, right-click the test project node, click Add and then click Load Test.


    Your load test will be created with a default name of LoadTestn, where n is the next available number.


    In Solution Explorer, right-click the test project node, click Add and then click New Test. In the Add New Test dialog box, select the Load Test template, type a name for the test, and then click OK.

  3. The New Load Test Wizard starts.

    Note   Any values you enter in the Load Test Wizard can be modified in the Load Test Editor after the wizard is finished.


After you launch the Load Test Wizard, you will use the different pages to specify the settings for your load test. Procedural information can be found in the following topics:

How to: Specify Scenarios

How to: Specify Load Patterns

How to: Specify Test Mix

How to: Specify Browser Mix

How to: Specify Network Mix

How to: Specify Counter Sets

How to: Specify Run Settings

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