How to: Run a Load Test from the Command Line

You can run your load tests among the other test types from the command-line. For more information, see How to: Run Tests from the Command Line.

After you start a load test from the command line, you can monitor it while it is running. You can also analyze it after it has completed. For more information, see Accessing Load Test Results.

To run a load test from the command-line

  1. Open a Visual Studio command prompt.

  2. Locate the folder that contains your load test.

  3. To run a load test type the following command:

    mstest /testcontainer:LoadTest1.loadtest

    where loadtest1.loadtest is the name of your load test.

    You can use other switches with the MSTest command to save to a test result file or to run with a specific Run Config file on the command line to deploy files. For more information, see Command-Line Test Execution.

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