Working with Manual Tests

A manual test is a test performed by a human being. A manual test is usually captured in a text document or a Microsoft Word document that lists the steps. It is the only non-automated test type. Use manual tests when other test types, such as unit tests or Web tests, would be too difficult or impossible to create or run. For more information, see Manual Tests Overview.

In This Section

  • Working with Generic Tests
    Describes how to create and run generic tests. Generic tests wrap external programs and tests that were not originally developed for use in the Team System testing tools.

  • Working with Ordered Tests
    Describes how to create ordered tests, which contain other tests that are meant to be run in a specified order.

  • Working with Unit Tests
    Provides links to topics that describe unit tests and how to create them.

  • Working with Load Tests
    Describes the uses of load tests, how to edit and run them, how to collect and store load test performance data, and how to analyze load test runs.

  • Working with Web Tests
    Describes how to create, edit, run, and view Web tests.