How to: Create a Manual Test

A manual test is a test whose steps are listed in a text file or a Microsoft Office Word 2003 document. For more information, see Manual Tests Overview.

To create a manual test

  1. On the Test menu, click New Test.

    The Add New Test dialog box appears.

  2. In the Templates pane, click either Manual Test (Word format) or Manual Test (text format).


    Choosing Word format lets you embed items, such as screen shots, in your test file. The option to create a test in Word format is available only if Microsoft Word 2003 is installed on your computer.

  3. (Optional) In the Test Name box, change the name of the test.

  4. (Optional) In the Add to Test Project box, specify a new or existing test project into which to add the test.

  5. Click OK.

    The new manual test is added to the test project. The file that contains the manual test is visible in the test project in Solution Explorer, and the test itself opens. If you selected a test with Word format, it opens in a separate instance of Word. If you selected a test with text format, it opens in the main editing window of Visual Studio. This new file is a template for your test.

  6. You have added the manual test and you are now ready to author it. Follow the instructions in the test template. This means typing information about the test. Typical information includes: a description of the test; identification of the test target, that is, the functionality you want tested; and the actual steps to be performed.

  7. Save the manual test file. If you are authoring the test in Word, save and close the Word file.

    The steps of your manual test are now ready to be run by a tester. For more information, see How to: Run a Manual Test.

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