How to: Run a Manual Test

To start a manual test, you use commands on two different windows of Visual Studio Team System Test Edition. This opens the test in the main editing window of Visual Studio, where you can read its steps, add comments while you perform its steps, and assign it a result of Pass or Fail.

To run a manual test

  1. From the Test List Editor or Test View window, start a test run that contains a manual test. For more information, see How to: Run Selected Tests.

  2. A dialog box is displayed that informs you that the current run contains manual tests and that you will be prompted to run those tests.

  3. Click OK.

    A row for the test appears in the Test Results window. If you are running multiple tests in a single test run, the manual test is queued among the other tests, and it has a result of Pending because it has not been run.

  4. The test run progresses. If any automated tests are queued before the first manual test, they are run first. When a manual test is reached, a second dialog box informs you that it is ready to be run.


    When a manual test is blocking the test run, a link named Go to pending manual test is displayed in the Test Results window. Clicking this link displays the <Manual test name> [Running] page.

  5. Click OK.

    The test opens in the main editing window of the IDE. It is displayed on a page called <Manual test name> [Running]. You might have to scroll to see the steps of the test.

  6. Perform the steps of the test.

  7. (Optional) Record comments as you do this in the Comments box.

  8. Under Select Result, click Pass or Fail, and then click Apply.


    If you close the <Manual test name> [Running] page before you assign a result, a dialog box alerts you that closing the window will abort the test. When you click OK, the status of the manual test changes to Aborted.

    The test run is completed, and its result appears in the Test Results window.

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