Generic Tests Overview

Use a generic test to wrap an existing test, program, or third-party tool that behaves as follows:

  • It can be run from a command line.

  • It returns a value of Pass or Fail.

  • Optionally, it also returns detailed results for 'inner' tests, tests that it contains.

Visual Studio treats generic tests just like other tests: you can manage and run them by using the same Team System testing tools windows, and you can obtain and publish their results.

Generic tests are a simple form of extensibility for Visual Studio Team System Test Edition; they let you run other tests, such as previous tests and custom tests, in addition to the predefined test types, which are Web, load, unit, manual, and ordered.

Security noteSecurity Note:

Not only can a generic test call an executable program on your computer, it uses your credentials as it does so. Therefore, be sure you trust the author of the program and know what the program will do.

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