How to: Run a Test on a Rig

After you create a test and are confident that it passes a smoke test, you can proceed with more exhaustive performance testing by running the test on a rig. A rig is a remote group of computers, consisting of a controller and agents. For more information, see About Controllers, Agents, and Rigs.

Your tests can be run from three different windows in Visual Studio Team System Test Edition.

  • Test View window

  • Test List Editor window

  • Individual test editors

You use the same windows to run your test on a rig, but first you must specify the rig in the run configuration. The following procedure explains how to run a test on a rig.

To run a test on a rig

  1. Open a load test.

  2. Point to Edit Test Run Configurations on the Test menu and then click a run configuration on the submenu.

    The run configuration opens for editing. For more information, see How to: Specify a Test Run Configuration.

  3. On the General page, type an appropriate name in the Name field.

  4. In the list box on the left side, select Controller and Agent. From Select a location to run tests, click Remote.

  5. Select a rig from Enter or select the remote controller where the selected test(s) will be run.

  6. Click Save.


    If you save different .runconfig files for different controllers, you can switch among your configurations using Select Active Test Run Configuration on the Test menu.

  7. Click Close.

  8. On the Test menu, click Windows and then click Test List Editor.

    The Test List Editor window appears.

  9. In the Test List Editor window, select the load test to run, right-click, and choose Run Checked Test.

    Your test runs on the remote controller and agents. To view tests that have run on a controller, use the Test Run window on the Test menu. For more information, see How to: View a Test Run on a Rig.

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